Iris Armstrong M.Ed., M. Div., RP, RMFT


I work with people during difficult times in their lives. I help them become aware of the patterns in their lives that are no longer working, and establish new patterns that do work.

Personal growth is not without risk. I often say it is the courageous and strong that seek to discover more about their inner thoughts and feelings.

Couples: We don't fall out of love as much as we stop accepting the differences

Trauma: Sometimes we cannot let go of the past without facing it again Addictions: That which had been my friend, helping through the rough spots, has become my enemy, trying to control me.

Resolving the past:We can cut the ties that bind us to family, but on windy days the severed ends tend to fly in our faces.

Anxiety & Depression: That fearsome dragon in the closet is not as scary when someone stands by you as you open the door. Grief: Dealing with the loss until it becomes a memory and stops hurting