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A Dozen Principles for
Keeping Your Love Alive

  1. Never take your partner for granted. You chose them years ago because of something special, and you’ve already shared a good part of your life. Who better to share the rest of your life with, if you can get past the problems?
  2. Listen for where your partner’s at, what makes them tick, what turns them on. Listen as though you just met.
  3. Address disappointments and hurts soon, before resentments grow.
  4. If you argue repeatedly about the same things, ask your partner (with sincerity) what makes this issue so important. Then ask yourself the same question.
  5. Take time to enjoy yourselves as a couple: have fun, feel lively and sexy together. Enjoy watching your partner’s enjoyment.
  6. Be open and trustworthy. Secrets and closedness erode intimacy at an enormous rate.
  7. Use tough times as an opportunity to show your partner you really care about them. Be caring and nurturing in their time of need. Pitching in will be remembered forever.
  8. Watch your bad habits. Before you notice it your partner may mistake your laziness and avoidance behaviour as disrespect and lack of love.
  9. Show appreciation every chance you get.
  10. Keep your sense of humour. Laugh together, but don’t laugh at each other. If anyone isn’t laughing, it’s not a good joke.
  11. Romanticize growing old together with your best buddy. Trading your partner for a younger model often has unforeseen side-effects.
  12. Don’t be afraid to get counselling. A little coaching can go a very long way to turning your relationship into what you want it to be.