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Marion Goertz is an Approved Supervisor with the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy ( Her graduate degrees, Master of Divinity (Counselling) and Doctor of Ministry (Marriage and Family) support emotional, relational and spiritual client care in the context of an understanding of how family systems operate.

Prior to undertaking study in the field of family therapy, Marion consulted to a wide range of Canadian corporations in the area of community, marketing and investor relations. Such experience has translated into a current involvement in teaching and coaching both in the context of the corporate world and also in graduate school settings.


Choosing the Right Counsellor:

• Shop around; check into referrals from friends, family, professional associations
• Ask questions:

-What qualifications and experience does this person have with your particular issue?
-What are the fees for counselling sessions and other related forms and questionnaires?
-What procedures and therapeutic techniques does this practitioner generally employ?
-What happens if the relationship “doesn’t fit or feel comfortable”
-What governing body sets this practitioner’s terms of ethical conduct and licensing?

• Listen to your head, heart and intuition:
Right from the first phone contact:
-Is this someone that you think understands your issues?
-Do you feel that you could work with them to set goals and accomplish results?
-Are you sensing that you are heard, respected, encouraged and challenged?



Emotional and relational health...your right and your responsibility!

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