Rochelle Thompson, MSW, RSW, ICADC


Sub Specialties


I have two sub specialties along with my general counseling practice.

The first sub specialty is in the area of problematic or compulsive use of drugs, alcohol, gambling, or the Internet (sexual or not). Here, I work with individuals who are struggling with these difficulties, and/or with their families. I am also a counseling resource for people with solid addiction recovery who wish to see a general therapist with an understanding of that part of their lives.

The second sub specialty is in the area of AD/HD (Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity). I work on a counseling basis with individuals and/or couples with this diagnosis. This may entail facilitating the adjustment to the diagnosis and its impact on personal and family life. It may be general therapy where knowledge of challenges as well as the strengths is crucial to a successful outcome. My work in this area often is done jointly with a career and life coach who also has this specialty.

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