Mission Statement:

My goal is to help people to realize their true potential by giving them tools to overcome adversity, life challenges and self-imposed punishment.  Clients are encouraged to develop an accurate self-image, allowing them to take responsibility for their decisions, actions and reactions.

What to Expect:

When you first arrive at most offices, you will be required to fill out an assessment form.  Most forms ask about your family history, your physical and mental health, medications you are currently taking, general areas of concern, the length of time you have been experiencing your symptoms and what has made you seek counselling at this time. 

An assessment session is like an interview, you are meeting your therapist for the first time.  It is a great time not only for you to explain why you are seeking help but also to ask questions to your therapist about their qualifications.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with the person you are seeing move on to another counsellor.  Remember the therapist is there to help you.  The two of you will be working together and he or she will be presenting you with several options and providing you with tools which will help you face problems in the future.  The therapeutic relationship is the most important part of therapy and although a therapist maybe qualified you must feel comfortable and confident with them.