Relationships are hard. 

Too often, we are taught to speak, but we are not taught to listen.

I work with people to heal the damage that has been done and educate them on how to avoid hurting each other in the future. 

My job is not to blame or judge, but to provide you with an understanding of your emotions and those of your partner.

We will do this together by developing effective communication tools and arguing styles to create an intimate knowledge of your needs and wants.  These tools can be re-used throughout life when difficulties arise.

Counselling is an investment both emotionally and financially. 

Life is about choice.  We can choose to ignore the issue and allow it to grow and take over the relationship or deal with the issue and develop healthy, lifelong tools to manage the conflict that is inherent in all relationships. 

It is worth the work.

"Nothing worth having in life comes easy."


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