Why face life's challenges alone?  I am a qualified and caring therapist who has been trained to help you through life’s difficulties. If you feel your life is filled with insurmountable problems and you cannot find your way out, it may be time to seek professional help.  In a culture that values independence, seeking help may be viewed as a sign of weakness.  We go to a mechanic to have our vehicles serviced, and physicians when we are sick, but we are often reluctant to look beyond ourselves in the most precious areas of mental, emotional and relational health.  It is a courageous act to reach out for help and to believe that change is possible.

Counselling Approach

I offer individual, couple and family counselling to those seeking greater satisfaction in their personal, family, work, social and/or spiritual lives.  Whatever the issue I believe in a holistic approach that explores emotions, thoughts, behaviours, relationship to significant others, family of origin, physical well-being and belief systems.   I consider therapy to be a collaborative process where clients are active participants in finding satisfying solutions and achieving personal growth and healing.  Clients’ goals for therapy will be explored early in the counselling process and feedback regarding the effectiveness of interventions will be reviewed regularly. 



Julianne Maslabey
Burlington: 289 962-1107, St. Catharines: 905 401-1529