Sharon Klinck, M.Sc., RP, RMFT

Individual, Couple & Sex Therapist

Introduction Credentials Specializing In


I Specialize In;

Sex Therapy

  • Dealing with a variety of sexual concerns in an individual or couple context
  • Issues include; feelings of loss of intimacy, differences in level of sexual interest/desire, orgasm issues, painful intercourse, erection difficulties, lack of ability to talk about sexual issues with partner, medical/physical problems that are affecting sexuality, lack of information about sexual response and enjoyment, sexual orientation and gender identity issues

Couple and Individual Therapy

  • Helping couples deal with a variety of relationship issues including communication difficulties, past hurts, conflict resolution styles, affairs, sexual concerns, family-of-origin issues that are impacting the current relationship.
  • Helping individuals deal with concerns such as grief and loss, job stress, past and current trauma, life cycle stress, depression & anxiety, sexual/gender issues.



Sharon Klinck, M.Sc.
Offices located at:

15 Clyde St., Perth

(613) 282-4363


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Sharon Klinck, M.Sc., RP, RMFT



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