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Making Your Marriage Meaningful!

Exercise # 1

Dream a Little Dream With Me
(A visioning exercise for couples)

Schedule a time with your partner, complete with your favorite snacks and beverages. Working together as a couple:

  1. Name 4 things that you would highlight as being important components of your past life together ( i.e. dating, travel, child raising, romance).
  2. Name 4 things that are key components of your present life together (i.e. study, child raising, establishing a home, sports, music).
  3. Name 4 things that are part of your vision for your future life together ( i.e. travel, raising children, career you love, community service, theatre, health and fitness).
  4. Construct a collage with pictures and words from old magazines or write a short story that depicts each phase of your couple life.

old magazines, glue, scissors, pen and paper, construction paper cut in a rectangle 12”high x the width of the sheet.

Fold construction paper in three and label the sections: Past, Present, Future. Put this photo collage or story on display as a reminder of what you’ve accomplished as a couple and where you’re headed. Use it as a map for future planning sessions to accomplish your goals and keep conversation flowing.


Exercise # 2

Movie Night
(An intimacy building exercise for couples)
Suggested video: “Forget Paris” (Billy Crystal/Debra Winger)

Setting the Stage...
Set aside a night when both of you are able to relax, put your feet up and not have to leave the house. Order in a pizza or work together to prepare a fun, no-fuss meal or evening snack. Ideally this is a time when other family members are asleep or otherwise taken care of and you won’t be disturbed. Try not to leave it too late in the evening so that you both still have energy to talk about the film after you have seen it. You may in fact want to view the video a couple of times; one to enjoy the plot and one to complete the exercise.

The Exercise...
We can become discouraged about the quality of our marital relationships when we limit our understanding of intimacy to only physical connection. The couple in the video depict a wide range of intimate behaviors. Many of these you and your spouse will already be enjoying...others you may wish to add to your repertoire.

Type of Intimacy


In Our Marriage

Emotional Intimacy:
sharing of significant meanings and feelings
Intellectual Intimacy:
sharing ideas, mind-stretching experiences
Sexual Intimacy:
sharing self-abandon in the merging of two persons
Aesthetic Intimacy:
sharing experiences of beauty: art, music, nature
Creative Intimacy:
sharing the co-creation, growth of each other
Recreational Intimacy:
sharing in fun and play, rejuvenation
Work Intimacy:
sharing responsibilities and joining strengths
Crises Intimacy:
sharing the buffeting of fate, standing together
Commitment Intimacy:
sharing common self-investment, trust
Spiritual Intimacy:
sharing a grounding, growing faith
Communication Intimacy:
sharing self: honesty, truth, feedback
Conflict Intimacy:
sharing differences and their inherent struggles
(Adapted from “Marital Intimacy Check up”. Clinebell and Clinebell, 1970)
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