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  • Levels of Sexual Interest/Desire
  • Sexual Dissatisfaction and Orgasm Issues
  • Painful Intercourse
  • Erectile Dysfunctions
  • Sexual Compulsive Behaviours

Sex matters.  Unfortunately many therapists are not trained or comfortable dealing with sexuality.  We have Intensive Sex Therapy Training and participated in the University of Guelph’s sexuality conferences. 

At Hicks Counselling Services we work with couples experiencing sexual difficulties such as loss of intimacy and passion, differences in levels of sexual desire, orgasm issues, erectile dysfunctions and sexual compulsive behaviours. 

Sex therapy involves taking a thorough sexual history, referring to medical practitioners when needed, teaching about sexuality and relationships, addressing relationship issues, identifying and changing patterns of sexual behaviour and providing take home assignments.  Our work tends to be goal focused and short term (approximately 10-12 sessions). 

Many clients report an increase in the frequency of sex and more intimate, satisfying relations after couples and sex therapy.

“Unsolvable conflicts and sexual difficulties are midpoints in a healthy relationship, rather than signs of personal inadequacy, incompatibility, or falling out of love.” (Dr. David Schnarch)


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